Sunday, 12 June 2016

Skepticab blog of randomness: Week to 28/5/16

My musings for the week as I drive around delivering people to where they want to go:

Monday the twenty-third

Turn it off?

Whilst filling up with diesel I recklessly listen to podcasts on my bluetooth earphone in contravention of the law, and have been warned in the past about using my mobile on the forecourt.  Of course there's virtually no risk from a mobile, other than people being distracted.  This article is one of many that explains this.
No mobiles!

 Tuesday the twenty-fourth

Old school flim

George (an old school Cockney) told me to take a flim for a £4.30 fare.  I had no idea what he meant- apparently this means a fiver, from the early 1900s when a fiver was made of flimsy paper.  See

Wednesday the twenty-fifth

Speaking in tongues

Had an interesting long chat with a man I brought back from Heathrow.  Prompted by the Charles Darwin finger puppet on my dashboard, he told me that he's Pentecostal, which means he believes in speaking in tongues.  He was cured of his depression at the first service he attended at his church.  I explained that although I was brought up in a religious family none of it rubbed off on me.  As ever, when at work I don't aim to challenge people when they tell me about their beliefs but just discuss them, stating my own opinion.

Thursday the twenty-sixth

Careless rip-off

A regular customer who is a carer was telling me about a care agency in the town that is paid by the council to provide four people who live in the same building each with 24 hour care.  Apparently the agency only supplies one greatly-overworked carer to cover all four and pockets the fee for providing four.


I took the escort lady to work today (see 1/5/15 blog) but found I had nothing to talk to her about.  I don't think she remembered our long talk last year.

Friday the twenty-seventh


Jack (not his real name)'s girlfriend had got into his Facebook account and had posted some pornographic images, for which she has been arrested.

Let It Go

I took some youngsters to a football match organised in memory of local deceased teenager Marcel. (link) Around the town I frequently see people wearing t-shirts in memory of the lad, and there was a recent (second) ride-out in his memory following the original one in March.  It was interesting to hear the customers wondering if people are milking it now and that they should let the family grieve properly.  There seems to be some peer pressure to attend every Marcel event in case they are thought not to be honouring him in some way.

Saturday the twenty-eighth

My religion

The closest I have to a religion is following Sheffield Wednesday.  Sometimes I feel a great deal of fervour, sometimes the spirit doesn't move me (especially when the match is poor).  Today was a big one and I felt it.  The Wednesday lost to Hull City but it was an excellent day out, only marred by the result.  Good natured fans on both sides, the way it should be.

It's now half term and I've taken the week off.

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