Sunday, 8 May 2016

Skepticab Blog of Randomness: 2 weeks to 29 April 2016

Things of interest as I drove my cab this week:

Wednesday 20/4

Sad news

I was sad to hear from Mrs Waite that Mr Waite died last month.  I liked him and enjoyed taking him.

Kick the crap out of him

R*** is a bouncer in Harlow.  He was upset at the news that a bloke had been bottled by 3 geezers.  He felt it was unfair.  Kick the crap out of him, yes, but don't bottle him.  That's not giving him a chance.

Dodgy cars?

I asked a car mechanic customer if there are any makes of car he would avoid.  Yes, Mercedes (to my surprise) because of the dodgy ECUs.

Friday 22/4

How do you forget your shoes??

'A' got in at 3.30 this morning after a night out, overslept and was late for work.  I took her last year on a cold February morning when she got in the cab to work.  We had just set off when she realised that she had forgotten her shoes, having come out in bare feet.

Nice present

'P' owns a car salesroom.  I took him to a Suzuki garage to pick up a Hayabusa (very fast motorbike) that he was buying as a present for a customer.

Monday 25/4

Disabled disruption

At a job at Aylets Field, the customer didn't appear so I rang the doorbell, noting the sign saying that the occupant was disabled.  My customer then came from around the corner as she lives at a different number but it is more convenient to be picked up from that address.  I understand why people do this but I felt guilty about disturbing the disabled owner.

James Bond baddies?

Gratnells is a company in Harlow that nobody seems to know anything about.  I have only once picked up or dropped off from the massive factory, and have never seen anyone come in or out of it.  Apparently it makes storage solutions for schools and hospitals but I suspect it is really a James Bond baddy's lair.

Friendly drunk

As I dropped off a rather inebriated woman early this afternoon I got an "I f***ing love you!!" and a very wet kiss on the ear.

Tuesday 26/4

Hail and snow in April

We had a few hail showers today plus a bit of snow.  It was lovely to see a group of schoolchildren running round with their mouths open, trying to catch the snow.

Wednesday 27/4


Junior Doctors' strike was on today and yesterday.  Unfortunately as there were no customers going to or from the hospital I didn't get the chance to give the striking doctors a toot to show my support.

Friday 29/4

Ugly people

Stephen was waiting at a cashpoint to pay me.  A woman asked him if he needed to stand so close.  He answered 'Do you have to stand so ugly!'.  He was very proud of that reply.

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