Sunday, 6 March 2016

Skepticab musings to 4 March 2016

Monday 29 February:
Near miss
A beautiful sunny February morning, nearly spoiled by a driver turning right at a t-junction but forgetting to check to his left, where I was turning right across him.  Extensive use of the horn saved the day, but only just.  A bit of a scare keeps the hear pumping, I suppose.  He apologised though and all was well.  A rare example on the road of a horn being used for its intended purpose.  I try not to use my horn and consider it a good week if I haven't.

13 year-old wartime lorry driver and Normandy veteran
I take a very interesting man to the town centre every now and again.  I love hearing about his experiences during the war.  At the age of 13 in 1944/5 he was working with lorries and volunteered to drive one to Scotland, which he was allowed to do.  Another frequent customer was telling me about his experiences in the Buffs (The Royal East Kent Regiment) and later the Essex Regiment in Normandy in 1944.  He missed the D-Day landings but arrived there after the battle of Caen.

Female customer, about my age, goes to lots of concerts.  She was very jealous to hear that I once went backstage at Sheffield City Hall with Camel in about 1980 with a couple of mates and shared some Liebfraumilch with the band.  I didn't tell her that although I met them, I know nothing about the band and couldn't name one song or band member.

Eleanor from Moldova loves the UK and everyone if really nice here.  It's awkward to say that I know very little about someone's country, but I fessed up.  She was saying that her mum is a doctor of 23 years but only earns about £100, with monthly bills of about £120 before food.  Her dad's a farmer though so they get by.  She told me that the population of Moldova has dropped dramatically over the last few years as people just cannot afford to stay.

Tuesday 1 March:
Smelly Nappy
The title says it all.  Windows open!!

Wednesday 2 March:
Blood Spots on Tongue
I like that people can tell me the medical problems of themselves or their loved ones and listen to my opinions on something that I know so little about.  This customer's husband is suffering from very serious sounding problems but the doctors are struggling to find a diagnosis.  I'm not sure if a random cab driver is going to know though.  It's interesting to hear though, maybe it's just part of the consultancy service that my £1.50 per mile tariff includes for free.

Thursday 3 March:
Blooming heck mate!
Had a very pleasant ten minutes with a diamond cockney geezer about the pleasures of flowers and tree blossom at this time of year.  I wasn't expecting that.

Going The Long Way Home
I dislike it when passengers point out that I have gone the long way, especially when they are right.  I owe Mrs X 30 or 40p.  Not a lot but I really, really don't want to overcharge anybody.  I hear that others might take a different approach.

3 Months Premature 
A customer was telling me that her daughter was 3 months premature, with the lung problems that happen with such an early birth.  We were so lucky that our twins were able to have the steroids that meant they didn't have these problems.  Apparently the mother I was talking to died during both her children's births but was brought back to life both times (obviously!).  My sympathy wavered a bit when she told me she once hit a nurse who was endangering her child, but I suppose it is in our nature to protect our young.  I don't judge.

Man Up a Tree
I had to stop and take some photos of a man up a tree.

Rather him than me.

Not Saying Which Day So As Not To Identify Anyone:
What Shall We Do With The Drunken Teacher?
Twice I have taken a particular teacher, once to his school having had a very late night the night before, today it was very early evening on a school day and the aroma of alcohol was oh-so strong again.  He must have had a bad day again.

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