Sunday, 3 May 2015

Deery Me

Turkey Street, Enfield, outer London.

This blog gives me the opportunity to publish anything that I find interesting on my travels, whether related to skeptical issues or not.  A couple of weeks ago (23/4/15) on a relatively small area of grass opposite an urban railway station I saw this lovely creature roaming wild.  Turkey Street station is not far from Epping Forest, so presumably this is where the deer roams.  A local person told me that she had been there the previous year but hadn't grown much since.  I think this is because she is a fully grown female fallow deer, which don't get particularly large.

I was surprised at how comfortable she was with humans.  She even allowed me to stroke her.  I've never been this close to a wild deer before.
The obviously has to forage for food.  Here she found a lollipop in the grass and spent a number of minutes eating it.  She seemed to be enjoying it, although I don't know how good it is for her.
Who loves ya baby?

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